Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics That You Should Know!

pros and cons of selling feet pics

 If you’re tired or unable to do your 9-to-6 job, the struggle towards sustaining yourself or taking care of the family could be overwhelming. 

Many people make good earnings selling pictures online. You need to consider many merits and drawbacks before starting the business and we’ve compiled many of them for your information. 

Though people sell the feet pics to earn, it’s not always about the money. Selling foot pictures can align well with the foot-fetish segment and you should exercise due diligence to prepare for joining the field. 

This blog takes you through everything to learn about selling feet pictures on the web, the pros and cons of selling feet pics, and the tips to keep in mind to ensure safety while making extra money online.

Pros of Selling Feet Pics

Easy Money-Making Opportunity

Selling feet pics online is a reliable and interesting way for anybody who wishes to earn an additional income. 

It lets you earn for something you do in everyday life ( similar to taking snaps at home, out, or anywhere around), however, can also sound lucrative.

Many platforms and marketplaces search out buyers who look for selling foot pics. If you feel comfortable facing the camera, posing, or have attractive feet, this lets you earn some extra money.

Additionally, several people who sell the feet pics on the web make it a side hustle or sometimes, a full-time job that lets them make money based on their terms.

Requires Low Investment 

If you wish to find a way to make money with the least effort, selling feet pictures is the best option you can choose. What you need to sell the feet pictures is a good camera, and lighting equipment that helps you click the pictures.

Also, you would need to hire somebody who can take the pics to let you post online or send them to the buyers.

The great thing is that you can go for price negotiation since this is a service even if you deal with an expert photographer. You can have either a friend or partner who helps to capture photos and minimizes the costs.

Feet Pics Have Increased Demand In The Industry

Selling foot pics is undoubtedly a lucrative effort since this industry is vast and has a continuous demand for new content.

Since the feet pics have high demand, you need to just keep in mind that you should be comfortable with the thought of people who stare at your feet all day long. 

Also, due to the increased need for the pics, you need to be prepared to negotiate the prices with buyers and stay away from the insecure action and malpractices of scammers to ensure you share the pictures safely.

You can sell it to multiple sources

With an additional income stream, you can become highly self-sufficient. You can gain more financial independence while becoming less dependent on others. 

Selling feet pics is not confined to any single platform— do research and find the platforms that accept selling feet pics. Also, you can promote your sales across various social media like TikTok, Instagram, Whatsapp, and so on.

With additional income streams, you become self-sufficient and capable of becoming the least dependent on others.

Some social media platforms can also let you find people paying several dollars for your feet pics online, which inspires you to take more attention-seeking pictures and sell them.

You Can Build A Loyal Following

Unless you do the process anonymously, you have the chance to connect with various buyers and get loyal fans from different parts of the world. 

Once you create social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, or any other platforms, you can also venture to the new stuff that fits your audience. 

You can also extend to new content which is specific to the audience after you establish the social media pages.

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Cons Of Selling Feet Pics

You Can Encounter A Lot Of Scammers

People watch videos and pictures of their feet as a stress relief, but some of them might not want to pay for these.

Remember, certain people would promise to pay for the pictures later, and get the pictures, but might not send the payment as promised.

Hence it is always better if you demand the payment in advance or create terms to make sure you don’t end up giving the pictures free of cost.

You Cannot Control how Your Pictures get distributed

You cannot control how the picture should get distributed once you sell them to a person. 

Consumers cannot know whether they get a good deal while selling and buying the feet pictures online.

Since there are no certain regulations or laws in the online marketplace, it remains impossible to control how the pictures get distributed.

Unstable Source Of Income

As there exists no standard price tag linked to these kinds of transactions, you can’t know what type of compensation you would receive.

Unlike the consumer products such as household appliances or clothing items that usually offer online guidelines beforehand, there are no options for customers to choose whether the specific product suits their budget range before they make purchases in the entire lifecycle stages.

However, this is not a concern when you make the selling prices and terms clear while letting customers invest in your products with an agreement in place.

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Not A Respectable Job

Undoubtedly, while people are making so much money out of fetish-specific work, the reality is that many of them don’t make much.

Most models begin as amateurs and they make less earnings as a result of their efforts. Since selling feet pics is an unstable job, many people don’t find this job with any reputation.

However, many popular influencers and people sell feet pictures online and earn incredible income.

How To Stay Safe While Selling Feet Pics?

Sell on Reputable Platforms

While you choose a platform to sell the pics, don’t do it on an unknown or low-rated platform. Choose a specific feet website to sell the photos, which is 100% safe, and lets you share the content with the foot lovers.

Stay away from the scammers 

If you use social media platforms like Instagram, you can ask for advance payments initially. This helps you avoid scammers from using your pics without paying for them. Also, watermark the foot images to avoid stealing the content.

Check the reviews

Before you sign up with the “feet-only” photo-selling websites, check the reviews as well. Check for any legal implications in your location and also the credibility of the site through the ratings it has received in the past.

How Much Should I Sell Feet Pics For?

There is no particular category or kind of feet pic that generates more revenue. Different popular feet picture types include nail polish, heels, soles, pedicures, and many more. 

The feet pic pricing differs according to various sellers based on the platform used. People charge based on the quality of the picture, profile reviews, demand, etc. 

The rate at which you should sell feet pics is your decision— it depends on the types of clients and the sellers.


While dealing with selling feet pics on the Internet, there are both pros and cons you should look into. 

On the one hand, you can make money doing something you always wanted. You can own your business, and take money for every sale you make. 

While many buyers love foot fetish content, there are some drawbacks like discretion, privacy, and customer requests which might seem unable to be fulfilled.

Choosing the reputed platforms and following the aforementioned guidelines in the blog can help you ensure you remain safe while selling feet pics on the Internet. 

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What To Know Before Selling Feet Pics?

It’s necessary to know whether you’re comfortable with the user who wishes to buy the foot pictures from you. 

Similarly, before selling the pics, you need to determine the prices at which you need to sell the erotic foot pics online. 

Keep a note of the payment method you would need to use for the transactions, and the extent of quickness the customers can get their hands on the newly purchased item. 

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

If you wish to sell the feet pics, you should understand its legalities. 
Generally speaking, selling feet pictures is a legal process, if it’s legit in the area you are, and if you don’t perform any illegal activities while selling or modeling foot pics. 

You should be at least 18 years old and make sure you don’t break any laws in the area. 

Is Selling Feet Pics Safe?

Yes, selling feet pics is safe if you use the secure feet-fetish platforms for the sale.  

Remember to use websites that have high credibility and user ratings to invest in selling your feet pics with the platform. 

Also make sure you use reputed payment options like CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, etc., to earn money through selling pics.

Does Selling Feet Pics Make Good Money?

Yes, selling feet pics can be worth it for many sellers. This is the most lucrative option to earn money with the least effort while also being a lazy side-hustle anyone could do. 

Selling pictures can help you earn money as a part-time or full-time job, where you can also do this anonymously without revealing your face. 

But beware of the potential scams, and make certain you get paid beforehand for the pics sold online. 

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