How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

how to sell pics without getting scammed

Making money has become creative these days with many sources available. 

Online jobs, side hustles, translator jobs, virtual assistants, offering tuition, and even selling pictures have transformed the ways you can earn money. 

But, how about selling your feet pics or videos online and earning good profits out of it? This is great news especially when you don’t feel confident enough to face the camera or make poses to sell pictures and make money. 

While you can sell feet pics and earn good money, you should also know how to do this and what are the key points you need to take care of. 

In this article, let’s explore the answers to these questions and get tips to make selling feet pics online the best experience.

How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?

There are many factors you should consider while preparing to venture into the business. 

This is because scammers could penetrate the market, or you could face massive threats in the market if you are not cautious about the possible consequences

Here are the tips you can follow while selling foot pictures to avoid getting scammed.

Only Use A Reputable And Formal Platform To Sell Pics

When you deal with collecting the payment for selling feet pics, you need to rely on credible payment platforms. Venmo and PayPal are the top choices people go for to avoid getting scammed. 

They are popular platforms that offer secure and safe features with real-time payment verification. 

While using a payment platform, ensure that you adhere to its best practices and guidelines. 

It’s fine to say ‘No’ if you’re unfamiliar or not comfortable with the payment method the buyer insists on. Follow the platforms you trust and hold a reputation, which helps you with a secure and positive experience while selling the feet pics.

Never Fall For ‘ Too Good To Be True Deals’

Even when someone says that they have made the payment, it doesn’t mean they have. Be careful about the fake payment screenshots and make sure you double-check whether the payment has got credited before you send any pics.  

Certain scammers will use fake payments, confirmations, or services which appear like they have made the payment. 

This might not be always noticeable, hence believe your gut and don’t be scared to ask queries or make research about the buyer you deal with. 

Even while the deal sounds good, you should always check for the legitimacy of the buyer before closing the deal.

Use A Business Bank Account

While selling feet pics online, you should treat it as a business. It’s important to set up a separate business account which you can use to consolidate only the business expenses, not the personal expenses. 

It keeps you organized and helps to maintain a professional image. Using a personal account for business transactions can appear professional.

Also, remember that the scammers can reverse the payment. Once they receive the product or when they use stolen credit cards. 

A business account can help you to choose a dedicated platform or service with a PayPal account or a business account across the social media platform. 

You can then track the expenses, taxes, income, or fees, and use accounting software to organize them.

Apply A Watermark On Your Images

The key point while searching to sell the feet pics and avoid getting spam is to ensure you safeguard the intellectual property

Some people can steal your pics or make use of them without your consent due to which watermark plays an important role. 

The watermarking process helps you to add a semi-transparent text or image to the pics. This can avoid people from using your pics or stealing them since the watermark conveys that the pic belongs to you. 

You can use the watermark as evidence of your ownership of the pic. If the buyer demands sample pics before payment, you can always send a watermarked version and protect it. 

Be Anonymous and Do Not Show Your Face

Making your identity separate from the business is crucial when it comes to selling pics of your feet without getting scammed. 

One method to do this is to hide your face in the pics. This can help to protect your privacy and avoid anybody using your pics to find you. 

Also, it helps you to retain a professional image and prevent any potential concerns with the customers who become inappropriate. 

You can use either cropping or other editing techniques to remove your identification features and hide your face. 

Also, you can post hidden clothes or utilize props that help you to remain anonymous.

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Only Sell Your Pictures After Receiving The Payment 

Firstly, never send the pics before you receive the complete payment. You would be surprised at several people who fall for the ‘let me see the pics and I will pay you’ scam. 

See your pics, they should pay upfront which is a simple policy you can follow. You should not send any sample pics or any pics on the payment later policy. 

When someone is serious about buying the pics, they should be ready to pay upfront. 

Your pics are worth it and you deserve the payment. Don’t allow anybody to convince you to take risks and send the pics right before the payment.

Set Terms And Conditions

Outlining the features of what you offer your charges, and the other specific details important to you as well as the customer’s needs is required. 

Have a clear pricing structure with packages or the types of services you offer and the range of prices. Include the number of pics you will offer and the timeline when you can deliver them. 

It’s also necessary to reveal the payment terms ie., outlining the payment due date, the mode of payment, and other payment-related data. 

You should also mention the cancellation policy, policies on refund, and rescheduling. Terms and conditions also protect you from any legal or financial issues in the future to adequate privacy and security measures.

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5 Best & Safe Platforms Where You Can Sell Feet Pics


FeetFinder is one of the perfect foot fetish sites where you can sell your feet pics online. All you have to do is to initially get verified on the site. 

Consequently, based on the budget, you must be ready to pay a seller’s fee yearly or monthly. The platform blurs your pics to avoid scammers downloading and using them without purchasing. 

To register as a seller you will have to pay 4.99 USD a month or 14.99 USD per year as a subscription fee. You will also have to pay a 20% commission for each cell you make through the platform. 

For instance, if you get 100 USD, from selling the feet pics, you get 80 USD while 20 USD goes to the FeetFinder. 


Starting OnlyFans for feet pics is worth the effort in the present market due to many reasons. If you are willing to treat the OnlyFans account consistently and as a business, you can scale it up and earn the highest of thousands of dollars per month as many creators do. 

This could be an excellent side income and if you become successful you can make this a full-time gig. 

If you are capable of the processes, you can grow the OnlyFans business in just a few hours per week. 

Another advantage of selling foot pictures on this platform is that you can be anonymous. You can sell the feet pics for anywhere between 5 USD and 20 USD. 

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Instafeet is a social media platform specifically dedicated to selling feet pics. The buyer must subscribe to the seller’s account to find pictures that the creators post. 

Initially, to start Instafeet, you need to sign in as a creator. The platform asked for valid ID cards, your login details, and five feet pictures. Once you submit the good-quality pictures to improve the chances of acceptance, I need to wait for 1-3 weeks, then notify you about the acceptance. 

The subscription price for feet ranges from 5 USD to 100 USD. Instafeet also charges a commission of 10% to the creators. 

So on selling 100 USD of feet pictures, the total net money would be 90 USD.


Feetify enables selling and buying feet snaps, with an exclusive space for anybody who has an interest in feet pics. 

It’s also a forum where people can meet others with similar interests and make discussions about topics through chat. 

Since it is free, you can log in without making a payment. But if you need more advantages from the platforms, you need to upgrade the account and make a subscription fee payment. 

You can also make up to a hundred USD through selling feet pics across the platform. Feetify is a legal platform where you can make money through selling feet pic with almost 1,72,000 active users.

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Among several websites available online, Fun with Feet has been rated one of the safest websites where you can sell feet pics. 

You can group the pics you upload into various sets such as tattoos, high heels, sandals, sneakers, barefoot, etc. Fun with Feet makes it easy for buyers to choose what they want without any risk of being scammed. 

Being a seller, you can also blur the foot pics before the buyer purchases it. Additionally, as a buyer, you can also use particular keywords to search and find the products you require. 

The minimal fee of Fun with Feet is 9.99 USD for up to 3 months and 14.99 USD for up to 6 months.


Discussing feet pics and the ways to sell feet pics online is very interesting. 

But you need to understand the method to sell the pictures of feet, secure yourself, detect the best platforms, and produce attention-seeking photos. 

Ensure that the photos are of high quality, upload them to the social platform you wish and get the passive revenue flowing to your account. 

Trust the process, remember the aforementioned tips, and utilize your imagination to enjoy as you grow the business.


Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Yes, selling feet pictures in countries like the US, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, etc. is legal. Additionally, you should be above 18 years old and hold the ownership rights to sell your feet pictures. It is advised that you sell your own feet pics and click the pictures yourself. 

There are many feet image selling platforms where you can earn money selling your feet pics. 

They are illegal and government-approved. If you can stick to the regulations and meet the requirements of the law mentioned, then selling feet pics is legal. 

But if you cannot access the feet pic selling platforms, then it means your country doesn’t entertain selling feet pics.

Can You Get Into Problem For Selling Feet Pics?

While selling feet, images are secure, please ensure that you follow the necessary precautions for safety. Don’t reveal your facial identity or personal information while selling the pics. 

Do we wish that the people buying food images online are credible and trustworthy, you cannot be sure that they are 100% secure. Since the internet is an environment, with all types of buyers and sellers, it is susceptible to risk and theft, which you should be careful about.

Is Selling Feet Pics On Tiktok A Good Idea?

TikTok is a perfect platform that encourages your efforts to sell feet pics with buyers online. Once you find people on TikTok who can purchase the feet pics, you can improve the brand reach, drive more traffic to your platform and let people buy your feet pics. 

To sell the feet pics on TikTok. You should link the TikTok account with a third-party feet-fetish website and start going.

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