Is Selling Feet Pictures Illegal? [ANSWERED]

is selling feet pictures illegal

The online marketplace for feet pictures is booming, but “Is selling feet pictures illegal?” remains a pressing question. 

This article explores the legalities, safe platforms, and essential precautions in the world of selling feet pictures. Let’s demystify this unique online venture together.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Illegal? 

In most jurisdictions, selling feet pictures isn’t considered illegal. Feet, unlike other body parts, aren’t typically classified as explicit content. 

In the United States, selling feet pictures is generally considered legal. It’s viewed as selling a form of digital product or artwork. However, the intent behind the sale and the platform used can impact the legality. 

For instance, if the images are sold with the intention of sexual arousal, they could potentially be classified as adult content. Laws around adult content vary across states, so it’s important to understand the specific laws in your area.

If you’re considering selling feet pictures, it’s crucial to use platforms that respect and adhere to the law. Platforms like FeetFinder, for example, provide a private and safe environment for transactions. 

They ensure your images are visible only to your subscribers, not to the public, adding an extra layer of privacy and safety.

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Age Considerations:

If the person selling the pictures is a minor, the situation becomes more complicated. While minors can legally sell their own property, contracts involving minors are not always legally binding. 

This means that if a minor sells a picture (or more specifically, a license to use a picture), the sale could potentially be voided by the courts. 

Furthermore, if the pictures are intended to cause sexual arousal, they could be considered child pornography, which is illegal.

Safe & Reliable Platforms To Sell Feet Pics


FeetFinder stands out as a reliable platform for selling feet pictures. It’s user-friendly and caters specifically to this unique market. The standout feature? Safety. Every user undergoes a verification process. This ensures that both buyers and sellers are genuine.

As a seller, you have full control. You decide what to sell and at what price. FeetFinder takes care of all transactions, providing a secure payment process. 

This significantly reduces the risk of scams. However, remember that FeetFinder takes a commission on sales. So, when you’re setting your prices, keep this in mind.

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InstaFeet is another dedicated platform for selling feet pictures. It offers a private and secure environment for transactions. Your pictures are only visible to subscribed members, offering an extra layer of privacy.

InstaFeet verifies all users, which helps to keep the platform scam-free. As a seller, you set your own subscription prices, giving you control over your potential earnings. 

Yes, InstaFeet does take a commission on sales. But its strong focus on safety and privacy makes it a popular choice among sellers.


OnlyFans is a content subscription service that’s gained popularity among creators of all types, including those selling feet videos and pictures. 

It’s not specifically designed for feet pictures, but its broad user base can be an advantage.

As a seller, you create a profile and post content. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to access your content. 

You set your own subscription rate, giving you control over your earnings. OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on all earnings. Safety is a priority on OnlyFans. All transactions are handled by the platform, reducing the risk of scams. 

Plus, your content is only visible to your subscribers, providing a level of privacy.

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Feetify is a platform specifically for selling feet pics online. It offers a free and a premium membership. With a premium membership, sellers can directly message potential customers, which can lead to more sales.

Feetify verifies all interested buyers and sellers, reducing the risk of scams. As a seller, you’re in control of what you sell and at what price. Feetify doesn’t handle transactions, so it’s important to use a secure payment method.

Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is a platform that caters specifically to buying and selling feet pics. It’s a straightforward platform that allows sellers to upload their pictures and videos for sale. 

The platform has a global reach, providing sellers with a wide potential customer base. It is a great platform to earn some extra cash.

As a seller on Dollar Feet, you’re required to submit a set of sample pictures for approval. Once approved, you can start selling. The platform pays sellers directly, reducing the risk of non-payment. 

However, Dollar Feet does not disclose how much it pays until after approval, so it’s important to consider this when deciding whether to sell on this platform.


Etsy is a global online marketplace known for unique and creative goods, including feet pictures. It’s not specifically designed for feet pictures, but its wide user base and reputation for unique items make it a viable platform for selling such pictures.

As a seller on Etsy, you can create your own shop and list your items for sale. You have control over your pricing and the presentation of your items. 

Etsy provides a secure platform for transactions, reducing the risk of scams. However, Etsy does charge listing and transaction fees, so you’ll need to factor these into your pricing

Precautions To Take While Selling Feet Pics

Maintain Anonymity

When it comes to selling feet pictures online, anonymity is your best friend. It’s crucial to keep your real identity hidden to protect your personal safety and privacy. 

Instead of using your real name, consider creating a unique pseudonym for your online selling activities. This can help to create a barrier between your personal life and your online business.

In addition to this, be careful about the personal information you might inadvertently reveal in your foot pics. 

For example, unique features of your home, landmarks, or even distinctive jewelry can potentially be used to identify you. Always review your feet photos carefully before posting them online.

Furthermore, avoid sharing personal details such as your home address, phone number, other personal social media accounts or personal email with buyers.

 If an interested buyer insists on obtaining such personal information, consider it a red flag. 

Selling feet pic for easy money can have consequences too. Remember, once something is on the internet, it’s nearly impossible to completely remove it. Prioritizing your privacy from the beginning can save you from potential issues down the line.

Do Not Fall For Too Good To Be True Deals

In the world of online selling, it’s important to remain skeptical of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often lure unsuspecting sellers with the promise of high payments or lucrative deals.

If a buyer offers a large sum of money upfront or promises unusually high returns, proceed with caution.Always take the time to research your buyer. Look for reviews or feedback from other sellers. 

If you can’t find any information about the buyer, or if the information you find raises concerns, it’s best to walk away.

Trust your instincts. If something feels off about a deal, it probably is. It’s better to miss out on a potential sale than to risk falling victim to a scam. Remember, your safety and security are more important than any potential earnings.

Open A New Business Bank Account

When you start selling feet pictures, it’s a good idea to open a separate business bank account dedicated for it.

This helps keep your personal and business finances separate, making it easier to manage your earnings and expenses. A business account can also add an extra layer of privacy and security.

Having a business account can make you look more professional to buyers. It also makes tax time easier, as you’ll have all your business transactions in one place. 

Remember, even though you’re selling feet pictures, it’s still a business. Treat it as such and it can grow into a profitable venture.

Have Clear Terms Of Service

Having clear terms of service is crucial when selling feet pictures. This sets the expectations for your buyers and protects you as a seller. 

Your terms should include details like how and when you’ll deliver the pictures, what the buyer is allowed to do with them, and your refund policy.

Be clear about your boundaries. For example, if you’re not comfortable with your feet photos being used for certain purposes, state that in your terms. It’s your business, and you have the right to set the rules.

Remember, your terms of service is a contract between you and your buyer. Make sure it’s clear and fair. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer review it to ensure it’s legally sound.

Use Watermark On Images

Using a watermark on your images is a smart move when selling feet pictures. It’s a simple way to protect your foot content from unauthorized use. 

A watermark is a visible overlay, usually your business name or logo, placed over your images.A watermark can deter buyers from sharing or reselling your images without your permission. 

Even if someone tries to use your feet picture without buying, the watermark makes it clear who the original creator is. This can help protect your work and maintain your reputation.

Adding a watermark to your images is easy. There are many free and paid tools available online that you can use. 

Remember, the goal is to protect your feet images without detracting from their quality. So, make sure your watermark is visible, but not so large or opaque that it ruins the image.

Is It Illegal To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Selling feet pictures on Instagram isn’t inherently illegal. Instagram is a platform that allows users to share images and connect with others. However, it’s not designed as a marketplace for selling pictures, including foot photos.

Instagram’s community guidelines prohibit the sale of adult content. So, if your foot picture is deemed explicit or sexual, they could violate these guidelines. This could result in your content being removed or your account being suspended.

Furthermore, Instagram doesn’t provide a secure method for transactions. This could put you at risk of scams or non-payment. It’s generally safer to use a platform designed for selling digital content.

In conclusion, the question “Is selling feet pictures illegal?” doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s largely dependent on your location and the context of the sale. 

Always ensure you’re operating within the legal boundaries of your area and prioritize your safety and privacy in this unique online business.

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 Feet pictures don’t inherently fall under adult content. They’re often considered a form of digital artwork or product. However, the classification can change based on the intent behind the sale.

 If the images are sold with the intention of sexual arousal, they could potentially be classified as adult content. Laws around adult content vary globally, so it’s important to understand the specific laws in your location.

Who Buys Feet Pics?

A variety of people buy feet pictures for different reasons. Some have feet fetishes and find feet aesthetically pleasing. Others might purchase them for artistic purposes, like for drawing or painting references. 

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