FeetFinder Income Reviews – How Much Can You Earn In 2023?

feet finder income reviews

Selling feet pics has emerged as one of the most easy and unconventional ways to earn money in the time of high internet penetration. All you need is a good camera, smartphone and a platform on which you can reach your target. 

One of such platforms is FeetFinder. It is a platform that has a dedicated community of people who want to buy & sell feet pics. But how can you really earn from this platform? In this article, we will answer this question in detail. 

FeetFinder Income Reviews – How Much Can You Earn?

Some users report earning an easy $1000 each month and some have reported annual revenues of $90,000 using Feet Finder and Instagram.

Many users have mentioned that they earn in excess of $5000 from the platform, although this seems difficult but not impossible. Yet to earn that much, the user has to be active and consistent in relation to their daily feet pic content

There are levels to what you can earn and it really requires a little bit of effort and dedicating a few hours each week to start seeing success.

The amount of money you can earn on Feet Finder is dictated majorly by the pricing you set for your products. Before you establish yourself as a regular seller on the site, your foot pics may not be in as much demand as the more famous sellers, hence you may have to price it competitively.

Moreover,Feet Finder takes 20% of your monthly total. So, let’s assume, you have a few subscribers that pay a subscription fee, a few subscribers who want to buy specific images,  it could close to $200 without a little effort and focus on creating and selling feet pics.

It also depends on how much time and effort each seller decides to put in their feet pics: 

  1. Full-time will be high effort, high rewards; and 
  2. Side-hustle will be low effort, medium rewards. 

But a good part about this platform is you don’t need to hustle to find your target audience. The platform itself is dedicated for people who are interested in purchasing feet pics. 

Also, it provides a safety net for a seller. There is a clear payment method and so the chances of scams happening is less. 

How Does Feet Finder Work?

Feet Finder is the go to marketplace for selling and buying feet pics, as a seller you can create your own profile, work on uploading your feet pic content and also interact with potential customers.

Feet finder is specifically famous for providing a safe place for sellers to sell their feet pics. There is a big emphasis on keeping the user anonymous and preserving their privacy. They also regularly put out instructions for sellers to avoid shady deals.

First, the seller has to create a seller account on Feet Finder which requires a subscription payment of $4.99 per month or $14.99 annually or even $80 for a lifetime subscription. This can be cancelled at any time. Feet Finder claims to use this money towards funding advertising campaigns to get more buyers.

There is also a requirement to upload a government verified document to act as proof of identity. Once you have done all the prerequisites to create an account, you are free to upload to your profile and speak with buyers.

One of the main things to note is that Feet Finder will take 20% of your revenue, this might actually be one of the tougher things to work with. It will affect how you price your pictures knowing that there is a 20% revenue deficit.

Users can cash out their earnings weekly but the condition is that they should have more than $30 in their account. Users can transfer money to their accounts in Venmo or Paypal.

Tips That Can Help You Make More Money On FeetFinder

There are lots of things and tips that sellers need to remember when they are trying to monetize their foot content on Feet Finder. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help you increase your earnings on Feet Finder:

Click Good Quality Images

The first and most important requirement for ensuring the best price for your foot content is to click good quality images.

Invest in a high quality camera or invest in a good course online that teaches you to efficiently use your mobile phones for high quality foot content.

Lighting has to be apt as per the picture and click from multiple angles to have a few options before you pick the final one. Consider using props like stockings, heels to add a little more  intrigue.

Finally, before posting ensure that the pictures are properly edited and any unknown sections are removed for a clean image and watermark your images.

Have A Social Media Presence

This is an underrated tip but may as well be the most important. You will have to constantly promote and market your feet pics on social media to drive your traffic. Many successful sellers use Instagram, twitter and reddit to drive the traffic to their profiles on Feet Finder.

This is a critical step to ensure you get a steady income with a loyal customer base. Sellers also need to be responsive to their subscribers.

Regular communication boosts your connectivity with your followers and subscribers which helps in the long run.

Stay Consistent On The Platform

This is one of the basic rules of anyone trying to monetize their foot content through social media. Sellers have to be consistent and responsive on Feet Finder to really hit it home.

Consistency on Feet Finder helps to ensure that your name appears higher up in the search query, the more active the account, the higher the appearance.

Long breaks and unexplained absence will not be welcomed and sellers are bound to lose some of their subscribers. Consistency shows effort and effort takes time, hence this tip is completely focussed on habit. 

If you post consistently without a long absence, it will keep the interest level of your subscribers and in turn generate regular income.

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Pros & Cons Of Feet Finder

Before you create an account on Feet Finder, you also need to measure the pros and cons of Feet FInder as well.

Pros of using Feet Finder

Secured Environment: Feet Finder provides sellers with a secure environment to conduct their dealings without worrying about privacy and transactions. Feet Finder employs multi levels to ensure that the security of their sellers and buyers is not compromised.

Flexibility in pricing: Sellers control their pricing which allows them the flexibility to pick the final price of their foot content.

Flexible timings: Flexible hours, sellers or models get to schedule their own  flexible work hours to engage with their fans.

Resources & Guidance: Feet Finder also provides tips and tricks to ensure that you can maximise your earnings. They also have resources that help you to understand how to take better pictures and market yourself.

Easy money opportunity that requires minimal investment – Besides the subscription cost, you can start clicking good quality images using your mobile phones, which is a basic necessity in this age. The investment is quite low but the potential rewards are high.

Customer Support: Feet Finder has built a good reputation of having really good customer support that is quick to respond and help. Customer support is kind and helpful to new sellers that want to understand how the platform works from start to payout.

High money making potential: If you can really grind it out in the initial learning period and understand the mechanism, there is a high possibility of being heavily rewarded for your efforts.

With good marketing and regular updates, selling feet pics could turn up a fairly constant income. Collaborating with other sellers can also be used as a mechanism to generate more interest and income.

Referral Programme: If you want to refer anyone using your referral code, Feet Finder will pay a small percentage of the sales your referrals make. This percentage is not from their earning but rather from the 20% transaction cut that the platform charges.

Cons of using Feet Finder:

These were the pros of using Feet Finder, now mentioned below are the cons

Content can be misused: Image sharing, if you are not careful and do not watermark your foot content, these images can be re-used and shared to other platforms. Sometimes these images can also be used to generate money on some other platform.

To ensure this does not happen, a few steps may need to be taken like using watermarks, copyrights etc. 

Limited features in free version: Limited options in the free version for beginners may not be a good testing experience as it limits access. In the free access there is a limit on how many messages you can post, how many images you can like or share.

High transaction fee: Transaction fees of 20% from your revenue and some people may also feel the subscription fees are expensive.

Heavy competition: Since Feet Finder is one of the most famous platforms there is a lot of competition in the content. Sellers have to constantly up their game and look for newer ways to entice more buyers.

Besides the cons, Feet Finder stays as one of the most reliable platforms to sell your feet pics. 

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Reviews Of Feet Finder By Other Users

Feet Finder also boasts an impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating on trust pilot. Mostly, FeetFinder has received positive reviews from the users. 

Many users have found the platform helpful to sell feet pics. A user said, “Amazing! Legit way to make extra cash. Could not believe it until I tried it myself”

Many users have lauded their support team to be active and quick to respond to their issues. For instance, one of the users said, “Quick response from the Feet Finder service team for any issues faced and I have made so many sales since then.”

Users have given high ratings for the support team and the algorithm that keeps the platform safe from bots and scammers. They have also praised the site’s interface & functionality. 

Some reviews focus on praising how the platform is so easy to use that it does not take a lot of time from creation to selling. User experience has been praised and the whole experience has left people coming back.

Is Feet Finder Safe?

This platform was made with the aim to provide a safe place for sellers to advertise and market their content. Safe space means ensuring the below steps that Feet Finder has placed for its sellers:

Data privacy: Feet Finder always takes data privacy with criticality and employs stringent security measures to ensure that the buyers and sellers are verified before using the platform. The users can be rest assured that all protocols to keep their data safe are employed by the platform.

Anonymity: Feet Finder offers users anonymity by providing identity protection options. Sellers can obscure their faces in their content and this can be done from their platform. Same goes for buyers who are also protected and their identities are also kept safe.

Safe transaction: Feet finder also offers an added advantage with a safe transactional space where the user can link their specific accounts to receive payments. Utmost importance is laid on this aspect as the use can lose money if there is a wrong or nefarious transaction.

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Is Feet Finder Worth It?

Yes, by all the points mentioned above, Feet Finder definitely is worth it. There are a lot of things working in favour of the platform and they are the biggest platform for buying and selling feet pics.

Feet Finder offers ample security features to ensure that sellers or models enjoy a risk free experience on the website. Although it might not be the easiest place for new sellers, the platform does its best to manage security with ease of use.

The platform continuously keeps working to keep scammers out and users have to be extremely aware and careful at all times.


Feet Finder is a legit way to earn a side hustle or if you are serious, a proper way to earn a steady income by selling feet pics. Sellers need to be aware of the features and how to stay away from shady deals. 

There is still a lot that the platform may have to work on but for now they are a huge name in the foot pics industry and they are going nowhere.

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