99+ Names That Mean Crow

names that mean crow

Crows are known for their intelligence and distinctive black plumage. We’ve compiled a list of unique names inspired by these fascinating birds, each with its own story and cultural significance. Join us as we explore these intriguing options. If you’re choosing a name for a new baby or a character in your story, these names add a unique touch. Find the perfect name that reflects the spirit of this iconic bird.

Names That Mean Crow

  1. Bran:
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Welsh. This name is famously borne by Bran the Blessed in Welsh mythology.
  2. Corbin:
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: English. Derived from an Old French word “corbin”, which means raven.
  3. Karasu:
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: Japanese. It’s a direct translation of the word ‘crow’ in Japanese.
  4. Fala:
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: Native American (Choctaw). It’s used to denote a crow in the Choctaw language.
  5. Kuzgun:
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Turkish. This name is often used in Turkish literature and folklore to symbolize a dark and mysterious figure.
  6. Kaie:
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: Estonian. This is a direct translation from Estonian, reflecting the commonality of crows in the region’s folklore.
  7. Corvus:
    • Meaning: Crow, Raven
    • Origin: Latin. Corvus is the Latin word for raven and is also the name of a constellation.
  8. Gorcrow:
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: English (archaic). A less common and more archaic term that was used to refer to a crow.
  9. Huginn:
    • Meaning: Thought
    • Origin: Old Norse. One of Odin’s ravens in Norse mythology, symbolizing thought and memory.
  10. Muninn:
    • Meaning: Memory
    • Origin: Old Norse. Along with Huginn, Muninn is one of Odin’s ravens, with his name reflecting the mental faculties of memory.
  11. Bram
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Irish
  12. Crawford
    • Meaning: Ford of the crows
    • Origin: Scottish
  13. Cronan
    • Meaning: Little dark one
    • Origin: Irish
  14. Rook
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: English
  15. Corbett
    • Meaning: Little raven
    • Origin: English
  16. Corrick
    • Meaning: Raven hill
    • Origin: English
  17. Corley
    • Meaning: Meadow of the crows
    • Origin: English
  18. Dargan
    • Meaning: Black-haired
    • Origin: Irish
  19. Fechin
    • Meaning: Little raven
    • Origin: Irish
  20. Grip
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Swedish
  21. Hrafn
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Old Norse
  22. Merle
    • Meaning: Blackbird, a nod to crows
    • Origin: French
  23. Raven
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: English
  24. Rayburn
    • Meaning: Roe deer brook, but evokes the imagery of crows near water
    • Origin: English
  25. Vran
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Slavic
  26. Corbinian
    • Meaning: Little raven
    • Origin: Latin
  27. Crowe
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: English
  28. Corvan
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: English
  29. Korppi
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Finnish
  30. Brenin
    • Meaning: King; implies the regal nature of a raven
    • Origin: Welsh
  31. Belasko
    • Meaning: Raven’s feather
    • Origin: Basque
  32. Crane
    • Meaning: Crane, but shares the bird theme
    • Origin: English
  33. Corvino
    • Meaning: Like a raven
    • Origin: Italian
  34. Feki
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Hungarian
  35. Orev
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Hebrew
  36. Feichín
    • Meaning: Little raven
    • Origin: Irish
  37. Kruk
    • Meaning: Crow
    • Origin: Polish
  38. Nevar
    • Meaning: To snow; can be linked to crow’s color
    • Origin: Spanish
  39. Corbeau
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: French
  40. Gracjan
    • Meaning: Graceful; evocative of a raven’s smooth flight
    • Origin: Polish
  41. Arnold
    • Meaning: Eagle power, often linked with birds
    • Origin: English
  42. Aranck
    • Meaning: Stars (like the night sky associated with crows)
    • Origin: Native American (Algonquian)
  43. Callough
    • Meaning: Bald, similar to some birds
    • Origin: Manx
  44. Branok
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Cornish
  45. Dolan
    • Meaning: Dark-haired; evokes the dark feathers of a crow
    • Origin: Irish
  46. Fiachra
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: Irish
  47. Gawain
    • Meaning: White hawk, by association with birds
    • Origin: Welsh
  48. Harkan
    • Meaning: Dark red, similar to the mystical aspect of crows
    • Origin: Turkish
  49. Kalen
    • Meaning: Water or sea, places where crows are often found
    • Origin: Hawaiian
  50. Lonán
    • Meaning: Blackbird, akin to crow
    • Origin: Irish
  51. Marrok
    • Meaning: A knight named after a wolf, related to animals and nature like crows
    • Origin: Arthurian legend
  52. Orin
    • Meaning: Pale green, related to the natural habitats of crows
    • Origin: Irish
  53. Perrin
    • Meaning: Rock, symbolizing the ruggedness associated with crows
    • Origin: English
  54. Quoth
    • Meaning: Said, as in “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore.'”
    • Origin: Literary (from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”)
  55. Regan
    • Meaning: Little king; ravens are often symbols of prophecy and insight in mythology
    • Origin: Irish
  56. Sable
    • Meaning: Black, relating to the common color of crows
    • Origin: English
  57. Toren
    • Meaning: Thunder, indicative of the powerful presence of crows
    • Origin: Norse
  58. Volker
    • Meaning: People’s guard; ravens are guardians in some myths
    • Origin: German
  59. Wulfram
    • Meaning: Wolf raven, combining animalistic qualities
    • Origin: German
  60. Zagan
    • Meaning: A demon who transforms things, as ravens are transformative figures in stories
    • Origin: Mythological (from demonology)
  61. Bramley
    • Meaning: Raven meadow
    • Origin: English
  62. Colm
    • Meaning: Dove, related to birds and evocative of peace like the solitary nature of crows
    • Origin: Irish
  63. Corin
    • Meaning: Spear-bearer, but sounds similar to “corvid,” the family name for crows and ravens
    • Origin: Latin
  64. Crane
    • Meaning: Crane, a bird name connecting to crows through avian symbolism
    • Origin: English
  65. Donovan
    • Meaning: Dark, as in the dark plumage of crows
    • Origin: Irish
  66. Hawke
    • Meaning: Hawk, a bird of prey like the crow
    • Origin: English
  67. Ingram
    • Meaning: Raven of peace
    • Origin: Germanic
  68. Kael
    • Meaning: Slender or fair, but shares a phonetic similarity with Gaelic words for birds
    • Origin: Gaelic
  69. Kavan
    • Meaning: Handsome, but the ‘k’ sound evokes the sharp calls of crows
    • Origin: Indian
  70. Morrigan
    • Meaning: Phantom queen, associated with crows and battle in Irish mythology
    • Origin: Irish
  71. Nestor
    • Meaning: Wise, akin to the intelligence of crows
    • Origin: Greek
  72. Raban
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: German
  73. Ravenor
    • Meaning: Raven
    • Origin: English (created)
  74. Ravin
    • Meaning: Resembling a raven
    • Origin: English (modern)
  75. Regulus
    • Meaning: Little king; a star in the constellation Leo, symbolizing the leadership quality of ravens
    • Origin: Latin
  76. Reynard
    • Meaning: Strong counselor, clever like a crow
    • Origin: German
  77. Soren
    • Meaning: Stern, mirroring the often solemn appearance of crows
    • Origin: Danish
  78. Talon
    • Meaning: Claw of a bird of prey, linking to crows through their bird-like features
    • Origin: English
  79. Thorne
    • Meaning: Thorn bush, a natural habitat for nesting crows
    • Origin: English
  80. Vidar
    • Meaning: Tree warrior, connecting to the forested environments crows frequent
    • Origin: Norse
  81. Aberthol
    • Meaning: Sacrifice or death
    • Origin: Welsh, echoing the mythological roles of crows and ravens as omens.
  82. Blacwin
    • Meaning: Black or blessed
    • Origin: Welsh, referring to the color of ravens.
  83. Corentin
    • Meaning: Hurricane, storm
    • Origin: French, symbolizing the tumultuous presence of crows.
  84. Dracon
    • Meaning: Dragon
    • Origin: Greek, symbolizing power and mystery like a raven.
  85. Ebben
    • Meaning: Stone or rock
    • Origin: Welsh, evocative of the rugged natural environments where crows are found.
  86. Falken
    • Meaning: Falcon
    • Origin: German, another bird of prey like the raven.
  87. Gethin
    • Meaning: Dark-skinned or swarthy
    • Origin: Welsh, akin to the dark feathers of crows.
  88. Halldor
    • Meaning: Thor’s rock
    • Origin: Norse, combines natural elements with mythical strength, like crows in lore.
  89. Idris
    • Meaning: Fiery lord
    • Origin: Welsh, reflecting the fierce intelligence of ravens.
  90. Jethro
    • Meaning: Abundance
    • Origin: Hebrew, perhaps reflective of the adaptive and resourceful nature of crows.
  91. Larkin
    • Meaning: Rough, fierce
    • Origin: Irish, akin to the tenacity of crows.
  92. Merlyn
    • Meaning: Sea fortress, or associated with the wizard Merlin who was often accompanied by a raven
    • Origin: Welsh
  93. Nyle
    • Meaning: Champion
    • Origin: Irish, reflecting the crow’s status in various myths.
  94. Ormond
    • Meaning: Mountain of bears, symbolizing strength and wilderness
    • Origin: English
  95. Peregrine
    • Meaning: Traveler, wanderer
    • Origin: Latin, relating to the migratory habits of some corvids.
  96. Quillan
    • Meaning: Cub, small one
    • Origin: Irish, perhaps referring to the cunning of young crows.
  97. Rollo
    • Meaning: Famous in the land
    • Origin: Norse, a nod to the revered status of ravens in Viking culture.
  98. Sterling
    • Meaning: Little star
    • Origin: English, possibly a metaphor for the bright eyes of a raven.
  99. Torin
    • Meaning: Chief
    • Origin: Gaelic, reflecting the leadership qualities seen in crow behavior.
  100. Wystan
    • Meaning: Battle stone
    • Origin: Anglo-Saxon, symbolic of the battlefields often frequented by crows.

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