50+ Names That Mean Blood For Boys & Girls

names that mean blood

The matter of selecting a name with meaning behind it can be a powerful decision; sometimes it is the significance that comes with it. In this article, we explore a unique category: names that suggest what is “blood.” Though rare, these names are full of significance, representing life, vitality, and soul. 

This set of names belongs to different ethnic groups and languages. Each one is able to give a different description of the blood images. In this place you will see names that tell us about strength and the very basis of life

Names That Mean Blood

  1. Crimson (English) – Directly signifies the deep red color that resembles blood, often used metaphorically to represent blood itself.
  2. Rudá (Guarani) – In Guarani mythology, Rudá is the god of love, but the name itself can be interpreted as “red,” a color closely associated with blood and the essence of life.
  3. Blodwen (Welsh) – This name combines “blod” meaning “blood” and “wen” meaning “white, fair, blessed.” While not directly meaning blood, it suggests the purity and essence of life that blood represents.
  4. Kanika (Egyptian) – Means “black,” but is often associated with the black soil of the Nile, which was like the bloodline for Egyptian agriculture, signifying life and sustenance.
  5. Adom (Akan, Ghana) – Meaning “help from God” or “God’s blessing,” it symbolizes the life force and vitality that blood represents, as a divine gift.
  6. Chattan (Hebrew) – Derived from a word meaning “to cut,” it can imply the act of cutting and the blood that might result, symbolizing sacrifice and covenant.
  7. Draven (English) – Inspired by the movie “The Crow,” it’s associated with dark themes and can symbolize blood in the context of vengeance and rebirth.
  8. Ketsueki (Japanese) – Literally means “blood” in Japanese, often used in contexts that highlight the importance of blood in life and lineage.
  9. Sanguine (Latin) – From Latin “sanguis,” meaning “blood,” it originally described a cheerful, blood-rich complexion, but also embodies the life-giving and passionate qualities of blood.
  10. Aamon (Egyptian) – One of the names of the Egyptian god Amun or Amon, the king of the gods and the god of the wind. The name is sometimes associated with the life force and creation aspects, indirectly relating to the concept of blood as a carrier of life.
  11. Aiden (Irish) – Meaning “little and fiery,” indirectly related to the vitality and energy blood represents.
  12. Alani (Hawaiian) – Meaning “orange tree,” evoking the color often associated with warmth and life.
  13. Anka (Turkish) – Meaning “phoenix,” symbolizing rebirth and regeneration, akin to blood’s life-giving properties.
  14. Apollo (Greek) – God of the sun, associated with healing and prophecy, linking to blood’s life essence.
  15. Aurora (Latin) – Meaning “dawn,” symbolizing the start of a new day and the renewal of life.
  16. Kanika (African) – Though it often means “black” in Egyptian, in some African languages, it can also be interpreted as relating to the vital essence, akin to blood.
  17. Chattan (Hebrew) – This name means “to cut,” and while it’s a stretch, it could imply the act of cutting and the blood that might result, symbolizing sacrifice or a covenant that involves blood rites.
  18. Akecheta (Sioux) – Means “fighter,” indirectly related to blood through the concept of battle and the warrior’s spirit.
  19. Kraven – Inspired by the character from a comic series known for his pursuit of Spider-Man, Kraven’s name, while not having a known meaning, evokes a dark and blood-thirsty connotation through popular culture.
  20. Bloody Mary – While not a conventional name, it’s steeped in tales that often involve blood and hauntings. This name is more of a title from folklore and legend, signifying a ghostly figure associated with mirrors and, indirectly, blood.
  21. Sanguine (English) – From Latin origin meaning “optimistic,” but its literal Latin translation is “blood-red,” often associated with a hopeful disposition that’s as vital as blood.
  22. Drake (English) – Meaning “dragon” in Old English, it evokes the mythical creature often associated with fire, blood, and power.
  23. Azura (Spanish) – Meaning “sky blue,” evoking a sense of infinite life and vitality.
  24. Bram (Dutch) – Short for Abraham, meaning “father of many,” indirectly related to lineage and bloodlines.
  25. Carmine (Latin) – Meaning “song,” but also a deep red color, closely associated with blood.
  26. Dahlia (Scandinavian) – A flower associated with dignity and elegance, its deep red variety evokes themes of passion and vitality.
  27. Damien (Greek) – Meaning “to tame,” historically associated with a saint who provided care for lepers and the sick, indirectly related to the life-giving care of blood.
  28. Elio (Italian) – Meaning “sun,” representing life and vitality, essential for life as is blood.
  29. Ember (English) – Meaning “spark,” evoking the fire of life and vitality.
  30. Flint (English) – A stone used to create sparks, symbolizing the ignition of life.
  31. Garnet (Middle English) – A gemstone typically seen in a deep red color, reminiscent of blood.
  32. Harkin (Irish) – Meaning “dark red,” directly associating with the color of blood.
  33. Idris (Welsh) – Meaning “ardent lord,” suggesting vigor and passion, qualities often symbolized by blood.
  34. Jasper (Persian) – A gemstone, often found in red, symbolizing protection and strength.
  35. Kaida (Japanese) – Meaning “little dragon,” dragons often symbolize strength and vitality.
  36. Lerato (Sotho) – Meaning “love,” the lifeblood of human connection.
  37. Maia (Greek) – Meaning “mother,” indirectly related to birth and the life-giving aspect of blood.
  38. Nariko (Japanese) – Meaning “gentle child,” representing the purity and innocence often symbolized by bloodlines.
  39. Orion (Greek) – A hunter and a constellation, suggesting the vigor and energy of life.
  40. Phoenix (Greek) – A mythical bird that regenerates from its own ashes, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.
  41. Quilla (Incan) – Meaning “goddess of the moon,” representing cycles and the renewal of life.
  42. Rhea (Greek) – Meaning “flowing,” related to the flow of life and, indirectly, blood.
  43. Sorin (Romanian) – Meaning “sun,” related to vitality and the essence of life.
  44. Tahira (Arabic) – Meaning “pure,” evoking the purity of life and essence.
  45. Ula (Celtic) – Meaning “gem of the sea,” symbolizing preciousness and life.
  46. Vermillion (English) – A vivid red color, directly associated with blood.
  47. Wren (English) – A small bird, symbolizing agility and life.
  48. Xanthe (Greek) – Meaning “golden,” symbolizing wealth in life and vitality.
  49. Yael (Hebrew) – Meaning “mountain goat,” representing strength and vitality.
  50. Zephyr (Greek) – Meaning “west wind,” symbolizing movement and the breath of life.
  51. Ruby (Latin) – A precious stone of red color, symbolizing passion and vitality.
  52. Scarlett (English) – Meaning “red,” directly related to the color of blood.
  53. Tierra (Spanish) – Meaning “earth,” representing life and sustenance.
  54. Vida (Spanish) – Meaning “life,” directly related to the essence of what blood represents.
  55. Wyatt (English) – Meaning “brave in war,” indirectly related to the bloodshed in battle.
  56. Xavier (Basque) – Meaning “new house,” symbolizing new beginnings and life.
  57. Yolanda (Greek) – Meaning “violet flower,” which can represent the delicacy and preciousness of life.
  58. Zeke (Hebrew) – Short for Ezekiel, meaning “God will strengthen,” indirectly related to the life force.
  59. Amara (Italian) – Meaning “bitter,” reminiscent of the struggles of life and the survival instinct.
  60. Bianca (Italian) – Meaning “white,” symbolizing purity and the essence of life.
  61. Cyrus (Persian) – Meaning “sun,” symbolizing light and life.
  62. Dante (Latin) – Meaning “enduring,” symbolizing the persistence of life.
  63. Elowen (Cornish) – Meaning “elm tree,” symbolizing strength and resilience.
  64. Finn (Irish) – Meaning “fair,” related to purity and essence.
  65. Giselle (German) – Meaning “pledge,” representing the commitment to life.
  66. Hazel (English) – A name and a color, often associated with wisdom and life.
  67. Isla (Scottish) – Meaning “island,” representing solitude and the essence of life.

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