Eco Explorations: Repurposing Cereal Boxes

This blog dates back to April 22, 2013 which covered 6 things that you can make with plastic bottles.

Here’s what the blog’s content looked like:

Most of us love cereal, especially a staple with most kids.  In fact, it can be amazing how much cereal we all go through. That’s not really a problem, except for the fact that it leaves you with so many empty cereal boxes. Sure, you could just throw them away, better yet recycle, but why not upcycle and repurpose them into some creative adventures and turn them into fun family craft projects, instead?

Here are some Eco-explorations cereal box project ideas to get you started:

  1. Your kiddos will love making upcycled cereal box guitars and jammin’ in with their friends! Find how to at Frakers’ Acres.
  2. An entire city of cereal boxes will keep kids busy for hours. Find more at Dinner a Love Story.
  3. A fun and simple craft idea, but kids can surely create imaginative play around this. Find instructions at Lilla a Design.
  4. These cereal box shadow box is fun to make with hours of light and shadow play. Find more at
  5. These cereal box scrapbook is another great idea for upcycling those cereal boxes. Find instructions on how to here.
  6. We love these great inexpensive craft components. What are some of your cereal box adventures?

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