Creative Ways To Give Money to a Teenager

creative ways to give money to a teenager

One of the best gift ideas ever is to give a teenager money as a gift!

This way, you don’t have to stress over choosing the right gift and the other person can use the money to get what they actually need — a true win-win for both!

However, it doesn’t sound very exciting to hand over the cash in a plain old envelope/gift card or to just send money online. Like modern teenagers, it needs a little pizazz and sass added to it!

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled the top 15 creative ways to make a monetary gift to a teen really stand out.

Creative Ways To Give Money To A Teenager

There are numerous creative methods to give cash to a teen, including money balloons, confetti surprises, chocolate boxes, money crayons, and money crowns, among many others.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these creative money gift ideas:

1. Money Balloons

Giving the money inside many different colored balloons is a fantastic way to add some excitement to the money gift. This is really easy — just roll up some cash, stuff it inside many balloons, and helium it up!

2. Confetti Popper Surprise!

Bursting party poppers that bring the proper mood and fun are a must-have for every celebration!

Think about making a custom confetti party popper. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? You can get empty push-pop containers, fill them with the confetti of your choice, and then tuck some folded bills inside!

3. Not-so-crispy French Fries

Folding dollar bills in a triangle shape so that they stand upright like French fries in McDonald’s fry holders is the ideal present for someone who is crazy about French fries. Simple. Creative. Worth all the effort!

4. Money Chocolate Box

What could possibly top a basket of exotic chocolates? A box LOADED with cash! To give your gift an extra element of surprise, you can empty the chocolate box and fill it with folded bills and some quarters!

5. Money Crayons!!

Wrapping crayons in dollar bills is another unique method to add the correct hues into a teen’s life! To make this, all you need to do is get a packet of crayons, and then wrap each one of them in a dollar bill to make it more interesting and creative.

6. Wear Your Money Crown

Each person deserves to feel like the king or queen of their own life. Making a money crown and giving it as a present is another wonderful way to make someone feel extra special on their special day. A fun and cute idea!

7. Money Pizza

What could be greater than a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese? A pizza with dollar bills!

To make this unique but amazing gift, all you need is a pizza box, some cash arranged in a circle, some bills folded up for the crust, and add as many quarters as you can for the right “pepperoni feel!”… That’s it!

8. Filled up Piggy Bank

The teenage habit of saving money in a piggy bank is widespread. Why not make the whole thing easier and more convenient for them?

This is a fairly simple money gift idea to implement; all you need to do is buy a new piggy bank, put some dollars and quarters in it, and then gift it to someone else.

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9. Stacked Up Wallet

This is yet another excellent money gift idea that’ll put a real smile on the gift recipient’s face! You just have to buy a wallet and load it up with some cash and wrap the gift! Easy. Simple. Fun idea.

10. Deck of Money!

A teenager is sure to love this surprise! All you need to do is purchase a deck of cards, empty the box, and fill it with $10 and $20 dollars.

Definitely, an exciting and fun way to give money!

11. Money Umbrella

Need a cheesy and easy way to give money as a gift? Simply purchase an umbrella, stuff it full of money, and secure it. Just wait for the other person to open the umbrella and get rained on in cash!

12. Money Plant

Do you recall that, as kids, we honestly believed that money plants grew actual bills? Well, let’s make this dream a reality for a teenager! Scrunch up the banknotes and stick them on a freshly cleaned stem and surprise them!

13. Ball Of Cash

A roll of plastic wrap and some cash is all you need to make this gift!

Encase bills under several layers of plastic. If they do this, all of the bills will be rolled up into a gigantic sphere of translucent plastic wrap. It will take some time to unwrap the plastic but the effort will be worthwhile!

A pretty unique way to give some cash!

14. Tissue Box

For some lighthearted fun and the perfect DIY idea, grab a tissue box, stuff your box with bills, and at the top, leave one bill protruding like a tissue. Once they start pulling the note out, they will see a trail of billing notes!

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15. Hollowed Out Book

Receiving a book as a gift might not be particularly exciting unless you’re a reader. However, what if the book turns out to contain some dollar bills? It’s the perfect gift, right?

Getting this present ready is a breeze: Just buy a book first, then hollow out some pages of the book, then stuff it with your cash!

16. Money Rose

Do you plan on attending a birthday party but are stumped as to what you can bring to make a teenager happy? Well, this Money Rose tutorial is coming to save the day!

Cute. Unique. Really worth the work!

17. Money Rosette

This is yet another unique origami gift and probably one of the best gifts that you can give to a teen this season. Just follow this quick tutorial and make your own pretty Rosette!

18. Money Cake

This DIY money cake idea is a fantastic and unique way to stand out with your money wreath.

Simply roll up approximately 10 to 15 $20 bills into cylindrical shapes and tie them all together with a ribbon to resemble a cake — That’s it!

The perfect Christmas gift!

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19. Money Candle

What’s more enjoyable than slicing a beautifully frosted cake? A cake with actual bills of currency on it!

Create a cake’s framework out of cardboard or paper, then decorate it with bright and eye-catching decorations. To represent birthday candles, place rolled up bills atop the cake.


Q1. How Do You Hide Money As A Gift?

Well, if you want to spice up your cash gift with an element of surprise and enjoyment, check out the following top 10 ideas:
1. Money Balloons
2. Confetti Popper Surprise!
3. Money Tree
4. Money Chocolate Box
5. Money Crayons
6. Money Crown
7. Money Pizza
8. Filled up Piggy Bank
9. Stacked Up Wallet
10. Deck of Money!

^Scroll up and check out the blog’s content where we have detailed the specifics of how to make these awesome gifts!

Q2. What Is The Best Way To Give Kids Money?

Consider what children most enjoy. There is unquestionably a connection to pizza, chocolate, French fries, crayons, confetti, etc.

The good news is that by simply following a few simple, short steps, you can transform your “money gift” into each of them.

For a detailed list of steps, see the blog post above!

Q3. What Is A Clever Way To Give Money For Christmas?

Gifting money to a teenager for the upcoming holiday season has to be one of the coolest presents ever. And there’s a variety of options for presenting financial gifts.
1. Money Crown
2. Money Pizza
3. Filled up Piggy Bank
4. Stacked Up Wallet
5. Deck of Money!
6. Money Umbrella
7. Money Plant or Money tree (in the shape of a Christmas tree)
8. Ball Of Cash
9. Tissue Box
10. Hollowed Out Book
^Scroll up and check out the blog’s content where we have detailed the specifics of how to make these awesome gifts!

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