50+ Best Barbie Movie Phrases That You Need To Know!

barbie movie phrases

The Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie, is filled with memorable phrases that have resonated with audiences. In this article, we highlight some of the best quotes from the film, showcasing the wit, humor, and wisdom shared by characters like Barbie, Ken, and Gloria. Enjoy exploring these iconic lines. Each quote offers a glimpse into the movie’s impactful storytelling. Discover why these phrases have left a lasting impression on viewers.

Barbie Movie Phrases – Best Barbie Quotes

  1. “I’m just trying to hold on to who I am.”
  2. “Everything’s better when we’re all together.”
  3. “In this world, you can be anything.”
  4. “It’s like a dream, but real.”
  5. “Every day is the best day when you’re me.”
  6. “Let’s make today the best day ever.”
  7. “This isn’t what I expected.”
  8. “I believe in the power of imagination.”
  9. “We can do anything if we believe in ourselves.”
  10. “It’s okay to be different.”
  11. “I’m just Barbie. I don’t have all the answers.”
  12. “Why do we have to accept things as they are?”
  13. “I want to do something that matters.”
  14. “It’s okay to be confused sometimes.”
  15. “We can create our own destiny.”
  16. “I want to understand the real world.”
  17. “I don’t want to be just a doll.”
  18. “Everyone has a purpose.”
  19. “Imagination is the key to everything.”
  20. “We can rewrite our story.”

Barbie Movie Phrases – Best Ken Quotes

  1. “I’m just Ken. Anywhere else he’d be a 10.”
  2. “Shredding waves is much more dangerous than people realize.”
  3. “Actually my job, it’s just Beach.”
  4. “When I found out the patriarchy wasn’t about horses, I lost interest anyway.”
  5. “Buckle up, Baby, because Barbie Land is now Ken Land.”
  6. “This shall henceforth be known as Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House.”
  7. “I just don’t know who I am without you.”
  8. “Here I’m just a dude and you know what? That’s enough.”
  9. “I am Kenough.”
  10. “Men rule the world!”
  11. “You know surfing is not even my job. And it is not lifeguard, which is a common misconception.”
  12. “If I wasn’t severely injured, I would beach you off right now.”
  13. “I’ll beach off with you any day.”
  14. “Hold my ice cream.”
  15. “Alright, Ken, you’re on. Let’s beach off.”
  16. “Anyone who wants to beach him off is gonna have to beach me off first.”
  17. “I will beach both of you off at the same time.”
  18. “What if there’s beach? You’ll need someone professional in that.”
  19. “We just took patriarchy and turned it patriarchy.”
  20. “You guys are not doing patriarchy very well.”

More Memorable Barbie Phrases

  1. “You are so beautiful and so smart, and it kills me that you don’t think you’re good enough. Like, we have to always be extraordinary, but somehow we’re always doing it wrong.” – Gloria
  2. “Humans have only one ending. Ideas live forever.” – Ruth
  3. “Mr. Mattel… Please call me mother. No, thank you.” – Barbie
  4. “I thought I might stay over tonight. Why? Because we’re girlfriend and boyfriend. To do what? I’m actually not sure.” – Ken and Barbie
  5. “It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever.” – Barbie
  6. “We sell dreams, imagination, and sparkle. And when you think of sparkle, what do you think of next? Female agency.” – Barbie
  7. “The real world isn’t what I thought it was.” – Barbie
  8. “Come into my weird house. Hi! I’m Weird Barbie. I can do the splits. I have a funky haircut. and I smell like basement.” – Weird Barbie
  9. “Barbie is all these women. And all these women are Barbie.” – Barbie
  10. “I’m a liberated man. I know crying’s not weak.” – Ken
  11. “Goodnight Barbies. I’m definitely not thinking about death any more.” – Barbie
  12. “Why didn’t Barbie tell me about Patriarchy?” – Ken
  13. “She’s not dying, she’s just having an existential crisis.” – Gloria
  14. “Okay, what about Ordinary Barbie? She’s not extraordinary. She’s not president of anything, or maybe she is. Maybe she’s a mom. Maybe she’s not. Because it’s okay to… to just want to be a mom, or to wanna be president or a mom who is president. Or not a mom who’s also not president. She just has a flattering top, and she wants to get through the day feeling kinda good about herself.” – Gloria
  15. “You have to find a way to reject men’s advances without damaging their egos. Because if you say yes to them, you’re a tramp, but if you say no to them, you’re a prude.” – Gloria
  16. “Oh, honey, that’s life. It’s all change.” – Gloria
  17. “Yes, and you wanna know why? Because I never get to do anything.” – Gloria
  18. “I would never wear heels if my feet were shaped like this.” – Barbie
  19. “You’re going to have to visit Weird Barbie.” – Barbie
  20. “Buckle up, Babe. Barbieland is now Kenland.” – Ken
  21. “Blame Mattel; they made the rules.” – Barbie
  22. “I’ll play guitar at you.” – Ken
  23. “I just learned to cry. First I got one tear. Then I got a whole bunch.” – Ken
  24. “Isn’t being a man enough?” – Ken
  25. “I need to find somewhere where I can patriarchy fresh.” – Ken

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