7 Beautiful and Fun Garden Ideas

This blog dates back to May 23, 2015 which covered 7 beautiful and fun garden ideas that one can create with their kids.

Here’s what the blog’s content looked like:

Now is the time to start planting. There is no better feeling than getting your hands in some dirt and growing something beautiful and sometimes edible.  Here are some great at home gardening solutions that you can create with your kids.

  1. Try out this hanging tomato garden! A good way to up-cycle some old plastic jugs and make a plain space into a garden in the sky.  Visit Bonzia Aphrodite for more info on how to grow some upside down tomatoes.
  2. Your kid’s with love to make theses seed bombs and watch them grow.  By Mademoiselle Chaos check out her blog for more info.
  3. Here is another good way to up-cycle household things that may be laying around.  Check out this cool easy Egg Carton Greenhouse created by Hazel and Company.
  4. This is a pretty cool concept.  A mushroom farm! Mushrooms are very important to decomposition and this is a cool garden/science experiment to try out.  Check out Five Gallon Ideas to learn more.
  5. This is a cute way to make a garden space into a usable piece of art.  Aesthetically pleasing and useful, you and your kids will love building this Pea Trellis and watching it grow.   Go to Garden Therapy to learn more.
  6. I bet you didn’t know you can grow food from your old scraps.  Learn how to grow lettuce indoors and from it’s own stock.  Laughing Kids Learn has the how to.
  7. These are all some great gardening ideas to do with your kids at home!  Check out this link from HomeGrown.org to learn how to make an edible garden.

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