200 Popular Mexican Names Girl: Top Choices for Your Little One

popular mexican names girl

Mexico is known for its rich culture and history. One of the ways this heritage is expressed is through the beautiful names given to girls. This list of popular Mexican girl names includes a variety of choices, each with a unique meaning and pronunciation. You may be seeking a name with cultural significance, one that reflects traditional values, or one that has a lovely sound. This compilation provides many options for your baby girl.

200 Popular Mexican Names Girl

  1. Adelina
    Meaning: Noble
    Pronunciation: ah-deh-LEE-nah
  2. Alejandra
    Meaning: Defender of mankind
    Pronunciation: ah-leh-HAN-drah
  3. Alicia
    Meaning: Noble
    Pronunciation: ah-LEE-see-ah
  4. Ana
    Meaning: Gracious
    Pronunciation: AH-nah
  5. Anabella
    Meaning: Graceful
    Pronunciation: ah-nah-BEH-lah
  6. Angelica
    Meaning: Angelic
    Pronunciation: an-HEH-lee-kah
  7. Araceli
    Meaning: Altar of heaven
    Pronunciation: ah-rah-SEH-lee
  8. Beatriz
    Meaning: Bringer of joy
    Pronunciation: beh-ah-TREES
  9. Belen
    Meaning: Bethlehem
    Pronunciation: beh-LEN
  10. Bianca
    Meaning: White
    Pronunciation: BYAHN-kah
  11. Camila
    Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant
    Pronunciation: kah-MEE-lah
  12. Carla
    Meaning: Strong
    Pronunciation: KAR-lah
  13. Carmen
    Meaning: Song
    Pronunciation: KAR-men
  14. Catalina
    Meaning: Pure
    Pronunciation: kah-tah-LEE-nah
  15. Cecilia
    Meaning: Blind
    Pronunciation: seh-SEE-lee-ah
  16. Clara
    Meaning: Bright, clear
    Pronunciation: KLAH-rah
  17. Claudia
    Meaning: Lame
    Pronunciation: KLAW-dee-ah
  18. Constanza
    Meaning: Constant, steadfast
    Pronunciation: kon-STAHN-sah
  19. Cristina
    Meaning: Follower of Christ
    Pronunciation: kris-TEE-nah
  20. Daniela
    Meaning: God is my judge
    Pronunciation: dah-NYE-lah
  21. Delfina
    Meaning: Dolphin
    Pronunciation: del-FEE-nah
  22. Diana
    Meaning: Divine
    Pronunciation: DYAH-nah
  23. Dolores
    Meaning: Sorrows
    Pronunciation: doh-LOH-res
  24. Elena
    Meaning: Shining light
    Pronunciation: eh-LEH-nah
  25. Elisa
    Meaning: God is my oath
    Pronunciation: eh-LEE-sah
  26. Emilia
    Meaning: Rival
    Pronunciation: eh-MEE-lee-ah
  27. Esperanza
    Meaning: Hope
    Pronunciation: eh-sper-AN-zah
  28. Estela
    Meaning: Star
    Pronunciation: es-TEH-lah
  29. Eva
    Meaning: Life
    Pronunciation: EH-vah
  30. Fernanda
    Meaning: Brave
    Pronunciation: fer-NAHN-dah
  31. Gabriela
    Meaning: God is my strength
    Pronunciation: gah-bree-EH-lah
  32. Gloria
    Meaning: Glory
    Pronunciation: GLO-ree-ah
  33. Graciela
    Meaning: Grace
    Pronunciation: grah-SEE-eh-lah
  34. Guadalupe
    Meaning: Valley of the wolves
    Pronunciation: gwah-dah-LOO-peh
  35. Ines
    Meaning: Pure
    Pronunciation: ee-NEHS
  36. Isabel
    Meaning: Pledged to God
    Pronunciation: ee-sah-BEL
  37. Isabela
    Meaning: Pledged to God
    Pronunciation: ee-sah-BEH-lah
  38. Ivana
    Meaning: God is gracious
    Pronunciation: ee-VAH-nah
  39. Jacinta
    Meaning: Hyacinth
    Pronunciation: hah-SEEN-tah
  40. Jazmin
    Meaning: Jasmine flower
    Pronunciation: has-MEEN
  41. Jimena
    Meaning: Listener
    Pronunciation: hee-MEH-nah
  42. Josefina
    Meaning: God will add
    Pronunciation: hoh-seh-FEE-nah
  43. Juana
    Meaning: God is gracious
    Pronunciation: HWAH-nah
  44. Julia
    Meaning: Youthful
    Pronunciation: HOO-lee-ah
  45. Julieta
    Meaning: Youthful
    Pronunciation: hoo-lee-EH-tah
  46. Laura
    Meaning: Laurel
    Pronunciation: LAH-oo-rah
  47. Leticia
    Meaning: Joy
    Pronunciation: leh-TEE-see-ah
  48. Liliana
    Meaning: Lily
    Pronunciation: lee-lee-AH-nah
  49. Lorena
    Meaning: Laurel
    Pronunciation: lo-REH-nah
  50. Lucia
    Meaning: Light
    Pronunciation: loo-SEE-ah
  51. Luz
    Meaning: Light
    Pronunciation: LOOS
  52. Magdalena
    Meaning: Woman from Magdala
    Pronunciation: mahg-dah-LEH-nah
  53. Margarita
    Meaning: Pearl
    Pronunciation: mar-gah-REE-tah
  54. Mariana
    Meaning: Combination of Maria and Ana
    Pronunciation: mah-ree-AH-nah
  55. Maricela
    Meaning: Combination of Maria and Celia
    Pronunciation: mah-ree-SEH-lah
  56. Marisol
    Meaning: Combination of Maria and Sol
    Pronunciation: mah-ree-SOHL
  57. Marta
    Meaning: Lady
    Pronunciation: MAR-tah
  58. Mercedes
    Meaning: Mercies
    Pronunciation: mehr-SEH-dehs
  59. Mia
    Meaning: Mine
    Pronunciation: MEE-ah
  60. Miranda
    Meaning: Admirable
    Pronunciation: mee-RAHN-dah
  61. Natalia
    Meaning: Christmas Day
    Pronunciation: nah-TAH-lee-ah
  62. Nayeli
    Meaning: I love you
    Pronunciation: nah-YEH-lee
  63. Nina
    Meaning: Little girl
    Pronunciation: NEE-nah
  64. Noemi
    Meaning: Pleasant
    Pronunciation: no-eh-MEE
  65. Olga
    Meaning: Holy
    Pronunciation: OHL-gah
  66. Patricia
    Meaning: Noble
    Pronunciation: pah-TREE-see-ah
  67. Paula
    Meaning: Small
    Pronunciation: POW-lah
  68. Raquel
    Meaning: Ewe
    Pronunciation: rah-KEL
  69. Reina
    Meaning: Queen
    Pronunciation: REH-ee-nah
  70. Rita
    Meaning: Pearl
    Pronunciation: REE-tah
  71. Roberta
    Meaning: Bright fame
    Pronunciation: roh-BER-tah
  72. Rosa
    Meaning: Rose
    Pronunciation: ROH-sah
  73. Rosalinda
    Meaning: Pretty rose
    Pronunciation: roh-sah-LEEN-dah
  74. Roxana
    Meaning: Dawn
    Pronunciation: rohks-AH-nah
  75. Sandra
    Meaning: Defender of mankind
    Pronunciation: SAHN-drah
  76. Sara
    Meaning: Princess
    Pronunciation: SAH-rah
  77. Silvia
    Meaning: Forest
    Pronunciation: SEEL-vee-ah
  78. Sofia
    Meaning: Wisdom
    Pronunciation: soh-FEE-ah
  79. Sol
    Meaning: Sun
    Pronunciation: SOHL
  80. Susana
    Meaning: Lily
    Pronunciation: soo-SAH-nah
  81. Tamara
    Meaning: Date palm
    Pronunciation: tah-MAH-rah
  82. Tatiana
    Meaning: Fairy queen
    Pronunciation: tah-tee-AH-nah
  83. Teresa
    Meaning: Harvester
    Pronunciation: teh-REH-sah
  84. Valentina
    Meaning: Strong, healthy
    Pronunciation: vah-len-TEE-nah
  85. Valeria
    Meaning: Strong, healthy
    Pronunciation: vah-LEH-ree-ah
  86. Vanessa
    Meaning: Butterfly
    Pronunciation: vah-NEH-sah
  87. Veronica
    Meaning: She who brings victory
    Pronunciation: veh-ROH-nee-kah
  88. Victoria
    Meaning: Victory
    Pronunciation: veek-TOH-ree-ah
  89. Viviana
    Meaning: Alive
    Pronunciation: vee-VEE-ah-nah
  90. Yolanda
    Meaning: Violet flower
    Pronunciation: yo-LAHN-dah
  91. Yaretzi
    Meaning: You will always be loved
    Pronunciation: yah-REH-tsee
  92. Yesenia
    Meaning: Palm tree
    Pronunciation: yeh-SEH-nee-ah
  93. Ximena
    Meaning: Listener
    Pronunciation: hee-MEH-nah
  94. Zoe
    Meaning: Life
    Pronunciation: ZOH-eh
  95. Abril
    Meaning: April
    Pronunciation: ah-BREEL
  96. Adriana
    Meaning: From Hadria
    Pronunciation: ah-dree-AH-nah
  97. Alma
    Meaning: Soul
    Pronunciation: AL-mah
  98. Amalia
    Meaning: Work
    Pronunciation: ah-MAH-lee-ah
  99. Amparo
    Meaning: Protection
    Pronunciation: ahm-PAH-roh
  100. Antonia
    Meaning: Priceless
    Pronunciation: ahn-TOH-nee-ah
  101. Aranza
    Meaning: Thorny
    Pronunciation: ah-RAHN-sah
  102. Azucena
    Meaning: Lily
    Pronunciation: ah-soo-SEH-nah
  103. Berta
    Meaning: Bright
    Pronunciation: BEHR-tah
  104. Brisa
    Meaning: Breeze
    Pronunciation: BREE-sah
  105. Brenda
    Meaning: Sword
    Pronunciation: BREN-dah
  106. Camila
    Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant
    Pronunciation: kah-MEE-lah
  107. Carolina
    Meaning: Freeholder
    Pronunciation: kah-roh-LEE-nah
  108. Cielo
    Meaning: Sky
    Pronunciation: SEE-eh-loh
  109. Cira
    Meaning: Sun
    Pronunciation: SEE-rah
  110. Dalia
    Meaning: Dahlia flower
    Pronunciation: DAH-lee-ah
  111. Dulce
    Meaning: Sweet
    Pronunciation: DOOL-seh
  112. Elda
    Meaning: Warrior
    Pronunciation: EHL-dah
  113. Elvira
    Meaning: Truth
    Pronunciation: ehl-VEE-rah
  114. Esther
    Meaning: Star
    Pronunciation: es-TEHR
  115. Fabiana
    Meaning: Bean grower
    Pronunciation: fah-bee-AH-nah
  116. Felicia
    Meaning: Happy
    Pronunciation: feh-LEE-see-ah
  117. Flor
    Meaning: Flower
    Pronunciation: FLOHR
  118. Frida
    Meaning: Peace
    Pronunciation: FREE-dah
  119. Gema
    Meaning: Gem
    Pronunciation: HEH-mah
  120. Gisela
    Meaning: Pledge
    Pronunciation: hee-SEH-lah
  121. Hilda
    Meaning: Battle
    Pronunciation: EEL-dah
  122. Irma
    Meaning: Universal
    Pronunciation: EER-mah
  123. Isis
    Meaning: Throne
    Pronunciation: EE-sees
  124. Ivonne
    Meaning: Yew tree
    Pronunciation: ee-VOHN-neh
  125. Jovita
    Meaning: Happy
    Pronunciation: hoh-VEE-tah
  126. Judith
    Meaning: Woman from Judea
    Pronunciation: HOO-deet
  127. Leandra
    Meaning: Lioness
    Pronunciation: leh-AHN-drah
  128. Leticia
    Meaning: Joy
    Pronunciation: leh-TEE-see-ah
  129. Lina
    Meaning: Light
    Pronunciation: LEE-nah
  130. Lourdes
    Meaning: From Lourdes
    Pronunciation: LOOR-dehs
  131. Luciana
    Meaning: Light
    Pronunciation: loo-see-AH-nah
  132. Luna
    Meaning: Moon
    Pronunciation: LOO-nah
  133. Lupita
    Meaning: Diminutive of Guadalupe
    Pronunciation: loo-PEE-tah
  134. Magda
    Meaning: From Magdala
    Pronunciation: MAHG-dah
  135. Manuela
    Meaning: God is with us
    Pronunciation: mah-NWEH-lah
  136. Mariana
    Meaning: Combination of Maria and Ana
    Pronunciation: mah-ree-AH-nah
  137. Marta
    Meaning: Lady
    Pronunciation: MAR-tah
  138. Mayra
    Meaning: Beloved
    Pronunciation: MY-rah
  139. Micaela
    Meaning: Who is like God
    Pronunciation: mee-KAH-eh-lah
  140. Milagros
    Meaning: Miracles
    Pronunciation: mee-LAH-grohs
  141. Nadia
    Meaning: Hope
    Pronunciation: NAH-dee-ah
  142. Nieves
    Meaning: Snows
    Pronunciation: NYEH-vehs
  143. Nora
    Meaning: Honor
    Pronunciation: NOH-rah
  144. Norma
    Meaning: Pattern
    Pronunciation: NOHR-mah
  145. Olivia
    Meaning: Olive tree
    Pronunciation: oh-LEE-vee-ah
  146. Paloma
    Meaning: Dove
    Pronunciation: pah-LOH-mah
  147. Perla
    Meaning: Pearl
    Pronunciation: PEHR-lah
  148. Rebeca
    Meaning: To bind
    Pronunciation: reh-BEH-kah
  149. Rocio
    Meaning: Dew
    Pronunciation: roh-SEE-oh
  150. Selena
    Meaning: Moon
    Pronunciation: seh-LEH-nah
  151. Abigail
    Meaning: My father’s joy
    Pronunciation: ah-bee-GAH-eel
  152. Agustina
    Meaning: Majestic
    Pronunciation: ah-goo-STEE-nah
  153. Alondra
    Meaning: Lark
    Pronunciation: ah-LON-drah
  154. Amada
    Meaning: Beloved
    Pronunciation: ah-MAH-dah
  155. Anais
    Meaning: Grace
    Pronunciation: ah-NAH-ees
  156. Anastasia
    Meaning: Resurrection
    Pronunciation: ah-nah-STAH-see-ah
  157. Andrea
    Meaning: Manly
    Pronunciation: ahn-DREH-ah
  158. Aurora
    Meaning: Dawn
    Pronunciation: ow-ROH-rah
  159. Basilia
    Meaning: Kingly
    Pronunciation: bah-SEE-lee-ah
  160. Caridad
    Meaning: Charity
    Pronunciation: kah-ree-DAHD
  161. Celina
    Meaning: Moon
    Pronunciation: seh-LEE-nah
  162. Cintia
    Meaning: From Mount Kynthos
    Pronunciation: SEEN-tee-ah
  163. Concepcion
    Meaning: Conception
    Pronunciation: kon-sep-see-OWN
  164. Cristal
    Meaning: Crystal
    Pronunciation: KREES-tal
  165. Dayana
    Meaning: Divine
    Pronunciation: dah-YAH-nah
  166. Desiree
    Meaning: Desired
    Pronunciation: deh-see-REH
  167. Dominga
    Meaning: Belonging to the Lord
    Pronunciation: doh-MEEN-gah
  168. Eloisa
    Meaning: Famous warrior
    Pronunciation: eh-loh-EE-sah
  169. Emilia
    Meaning: Rival
    Pronunciation: eh-MEE-lee-ah
  170. Eugenia
    Meaning: Well-born
    Pronunciation: eh-oo-HEH-nee-ah
  171. Fabiola
    Meaning: Bean grower
    Pronunciation: fah-bee-OH-lah
  172. Felipa
    Meaning: Lover of horses
    Pronunciation: feh-LEE-pah
  173. Francisca
    Meaning: Free
    Pronunciation: frahn-SEES-kah
  174. Gregoria
    Meaning: Watchful
    Pronunciation: greh-GOH-ree-ah
  175. Hilaria
    Meaning: Cheerful
    Pronunciation: ee-LAH-ree-ah
  176. Ignacia
    Meaning: Fiery
    Pronunciation: eeg-NAH-see-ah
  177. Itzel
    Meaning: Rainbow lady
    Pronunciation: eet-ZEL
  178. Jovanna
    Meaning: God is gracious
    Pronunciation: hoh-VAH-nah
  179. Karina
    Meaning: Pure
    Pronunciation: kah-REE-nah
  180. Leocadia
    Meaning: Bright, clear
    Pronunciation: leh-oh-KAH-dee-ah
  181. Lidia
    Meaning: From Lydia
    Pronunciation: LEE-dee-ah
  182. Margarita
    Meaning: Pearl
    Pronunciation: mar-gah-REE-tah
  183. Melania
    Meaning: Black, dark
    Pronunciation: meh-LAH-nee-ah
  184. Nubia
    Meaning: From Nubia
    Pronunciation: NOO-bee-ah
  185. Odalis
    Meaning: Wealth
    Pronunciation: oh-DAH-lees
  186. Patricia
    Meaning: Noble
    Pronunciation: pah-TREE-see-ah
  187. Paulina
    Meaning: Small
    Pronunciation: pow-LEE-nah
  188. Priscila
    Meaning: Ancient
    Pronunciation: pree-SEE-lah
  189. Ramona
    Meaning: Wise protector
    Pronunciation: rah-MOH-nah
  190. Renata
    Meaning: Reborn
    Pronunciation: reh-NAH-tah
  191. Roxana
    Meaning: Dawn
    Pronunciation: rohk-SAH-nah
  192. Salma
    Meaning: Peaceful
    Pronunciation: SAHL-mah
  193. Silvia
    Meaning: Forest
    Pronunciation: SEEL-vee-ah
  194. Socorro
    Meaning: Help
    Pronunciation: soh-KOH-rroh
  195. Tatiana
    Meaning: Fairy queen
    Pronunciation: tah-tee-AH-nah
  196. Teodora
    Meaning: Gift of God
    Pronunciation: teh-oh-DOH-rah
  197. Valeria
    Meaning: Strong, healthy
    Pronunciation: vah-LEH-ree-ah
  198. Vanessa
    Meaning: Butterfly
    Pronunciation: vah-NEH-sah
  199. Veronica
    Meaning: She who brings victory
    Pronunciation: veh-ROH-nee-kah
  200. Zulema
    Meaning: Peaceful
    Pronunciation: zoo-LEH-mah

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