15 Fun Places To Go For Teenage Birthday

fun places to go for teenage birthday

Everyone wants to see their teen child happy, especially parents. And what could be better than planning a birthday party that your teenager will remember forever?

The next difficult task is “selecting the right venue.” Today’s blog post will focus on the best 15 venues for celebrating a teen’s birthday.

Fun Places To Go For Teenage Birthday

There are many different activities and destinations that can make a teenage birthday party memorable for a teen, such as amusement parks, concerts, beaches, camping, gaming parties, escape rooms, and more.

Now, let’s delve even further into each of these ideas and discuss them in greater depth!

Theme Park

Teenage children group parties are best held in an amusement park. With the dawn of the teen years, your child will be eager to grow their social circle, and the best way to do this? — having a blast with their friends on their birthday

These theme parks, water parks, or amusement parks provide a variety of intriguing birthday party celebration packages. Children are greatly drawn to their rides, roller coasters, and several exciting spots. These parks offer special birthday packages that include several kinds of decoration ideas, entertaining activities, and meal preparations.

Disney World in Hollywood and Six Flags amusement parks are two excellent examples of these types of parks. If they enjoy DC or Disney, your kids will be quite thrilled. Similarly, even fun parks themed on tourist sites like the Eiffel tower are also a good choice for your teen kid!

Concerts or Shows

Most teenagers have a strong interest in music and are passionate about their favorite artist or group. They often dream of attending live concerts by these artists, especially on special occasions like their birthdays!

You can surprise your child with tickets to a musical performance by checking local radio stations, social media websites, or even print advertisements. By doing this, you can ensure that the event is available and affordable for your pocket. 

You can invite the entire friend circle of your child to the concert. It will make them have more fun activities together.


If your kids’ birthday falls in the summer season, then the beach is the perfect venue for their birthday party.

Children can do anything they want, like surfing, playing volleyball on the sand, or swimming. Others can relax on the sand and can have snacks. The Pacific Park in Santa Monica, with its attractive beach activities, is an ideal choice for this.

It’s important to note that beach parties aren’t recommended in the season of spring and fall as the water is comparably colder. Plus, there are no lifeguards.

Still, if your child is interested in the beach only, then you organize some fun activities or games on the sand. Beaches of New Zealand and Mal Pais in Costa Rica and Santa Teresa are pretty good choices if you can afford an international trip.


Camping is a great adventurous way to celebrate your children’s birthday. If your children are adventure lovers, then surely you can take them to teach some survival skills and let them prepare their own food. But, if your child is too young for that, you can take food from home and spend the night in the camp.

There are various teen party games and activities included in the camping which can be a fun thing. Trekking, fishing, telling horror stories, grilling s’mores, and even bird-watching are some of the best things which your kids along with their friends will enjoy!

Gaming Party

For small boys, video games are the epicenter of cool and exciting. So why not leverage the fact that kids are glued to their PS5s and gaming systems and use it as a theme for a party?

Consider throwing a gaming party for your kids’ birthday if you’re on a tight budget. Let your child invite all buddies over and arrange a number of different video games available for them to play that night.

You can provide your child and their friends with the whole living area, basement, or attic for the party room. Moreover, give them snacks and leave them to enjoy the whole night playing their favorite video games.

You can also ask each of your child’s friends to bring a video game of their choice that they already own. These can be action games, arcade games or puzzle games, etc. This will surely maximize the choices of games for them and hence won’t get bored easily.

You can even take your child to game zones for more enjoyment if it can’t be planned at the house. There are some pretty good game zones available if you live near New York or Los Angeles!

Shopping Mall

The mall is a paradise for young girls and boys who enjoy shopping. You can use this spot to give unique birthday experiences to your kid.

Bring more of their close buddies and go shopping for a gift at your child’s favorite store. Shopping malls frequently provide entertainment activities such as arcade games or bowling.

After relaxing, visit the food court for some food and cake. The advantage of this location is that you do not need to prepare or arrange anything (and also do not have to clean up after the party ;))

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a really fun thing for every age group. And for young children, it’s quite an exciting thing which includes their creative and critical thinking. Locked in a room, they have to find and solve cues to escape.

Most towns have escape room venues with many different themes, from harry potter to mummies from Egypt. Most of the escape rooms are children-friendly, but there are some others that require parental guidance.

It’s a good teen birthday party idea, but you have to keep in mind that not every child likes escape games or solving these mind puzzles. It would be better if you ask your child’s friends in advance about their preferences.

Laser Tag Games

Taking your child and his friends to a Laser Tag game is one of the best birthday party ideas. It is something enjoyed by both boys and girls.

This game includes using infrared guns and sensors to shoot the other players. This game gives real-life combat experience which is one level up from the video game experience. Apart from a thrilling experience, it is a great way to have good physical activity.

At the same time, you can rest without the tension of any safety issues or inappropriate behavior as these places have well-advanced security systems!

Children can’t get bored of this easily and would be really satisfied to have such a fun thing at their birthday party!


Everyone enjoys bowling, including teens. You can rent a couple of lanes at the local bowling alley for your child and their friends and leave them to it while you wait in the bar.

They might not offer a full-fledged kids’ party with a sit-down lunch and party bags but you can give the kids some money to spend on burgers and fries at the onsite cafe.

Bowling with friends can give your child a very new experience, and they will remember this birthday celebration for a very long time!

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a perfect choice for the birthday party celebration of your children if they are born in the season of winter. They, along with their friends, can take part in various skating lessons and can have a great time.

Many ice skate parks offer various birthday party packages. You can choose any of them according to your needs and budget.

They also offer private party rooms or areas where party guests can enjoy and take part in your private celebration and skating events. You can also enjoy your party meal with hot chocolate or a hot tea party!

Trampoline Parks

These indoor play areas are a great spot to celebrate the birthday party of your teen. The most interesting thing about trampoline parks is that it is not affected by outside weather — making them one of the most convenient birthday party places for a bash!

Young children have very high adrenaline levels, and that’s why they are very active and can run around all day. Trampoline parks are a great way to have celebrations that are healthy for your children but at the same time not boring like other physical exercises. Even an adult can enjoy these places and let their inner child be satisfied.

Movie Theatre

Taking your kid along with their buddies to a movie is also a great way to have a birthday. You can enquire about their favorite genre in advance. And take them to the movies in the highest quality available, like 3D. These small things can make your child’s birthday party memorable.

Watching movies is a great way to have family fun and strengthen your relationship with your child! There are many cinema halls that allow full booking for special celebrations or events so if you don’t have a tight budget, you can go for it.

Go-Kart Racing

Go-Kart arenas are a great place for enjoying driving teenagers as they don’t own driving licenses. This is a great opportunity to practice driving in a tension-free and exciting manner.

Go-Kart arenas provide options to fulfill the needs of various age groups. You should enquire about the age restrictions at these arenas before visiting there.

Going for Go-Kart is also a good way to prevent your children from engaging in underage drinking. As in private house parties, children usually get engaged in these inappropriate behaviors.

Paintball Party

On their birthdays, paintball fights are a fantastic way for teenagers to run around and enjoy themselves. This sport also helps to strengthen reflexes and the health of youngsters.

Before going to the event, ensure that there are enough participants for both teams. Teens prefer competing against friends over strangers. Check the age restriction of your local paintball arena as well.

Paintballs can harm participants. Therefore, you should have multiple layers of protective layers. Following the excitement, refuel with hamburgers, chicken wings, and soft drinks at a neighboring restaurant.


Ziplining is an exciting sport that will leave your little ones with amazing memories. You may get in touch with zip-lining locations around you.

The service packages for these play places will differ. Make the best decision based on the number of participants and their interests. These locations frequently offer lounge areas and food halls that are perfect for teen birthday party celebrations.

Safety is also a consideration. To learn about the conditions of the play area, it is important to inspect the facilities and read the appropriate reviews. It’s the best way of having a thrilling celebration if you have older kids.

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