7 DIY Grandparent Day Gifts

This blog dates back to September 4, 2013 which covered 7 easy DIY Grandparent Day Gifts:

Here’s what the blog’s content looked like:

Grandparents Day is celebrated on first Sunday after Labor Day, this year it falls on September 8th. Surprise your Grandma or Grandpa with a homemade one of a kind gift. Here are some inspirations that are easy and adorable to make, and sure to bring a smile on grandma or grandpa’s face!

Stamped Tote Bag

We particularly liked this cool idea of stamping with old audio tapes if you have some around. Otherwise kids can stamp whatever they like to make one of a kind bag for grandma or papi.

Stringing Bead Necklace

A fun craft project to do with grandma or gift to her.


Make an indoor Terrarium for grandpa or grandma to enjoy through the fall and winter months.

Homemade Soap

Homemade soap (from The Happy Trunk itself) is a great gift and super fun and easy to make.

Super Easy Pincushion

Making pincushions are super easy to make, and so cute and fun!

Pop Cards

DIY origami pop up cards are so unique, and you can tailor them to any occasion.

Family Tree

Family tree project is perfect for Grandparents Day gift.

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