5 Crafty Book Covers

This blog dates back to August 27, 2013 which covered 5 innovative crafty book covers.

Here’s what the blog’s content looked like:

It is back to school season, and these distinctive book covers will add so much fun for the younger kids, and a lot more pizzazz for the older ones.

Use modpodge to decoupage the composition books to create your unique book covers. You can use any left over scrap book pages, gift wrapping paper, any trinkets to add dimension or just 3 dimensional modpodge or 3D paint.

Here are the 5 innovative ideas:

  1. Washi tape is great to make matching book covers and pencils.
  2. Make a cute fuzzy book cover with pipecleaners.
  3. Duct tape is always easy and can add so much color to your book covers.
  4. If you have any left over wall paper from a remodel project, that can add to great looking contemporary book covers.

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